The Random Explorer
We are just a Random Couple who are exploring new places to travel, to eat, to watch, etc. Are madly in love with each other and live life in our own fairytale for those who know us personally can bet on this, basically “a PRANARSH Tale” (Harsh + Pranali) We are together since 2012 and love to spend maximum time together by having Dinner Dates, Game Nights, Movie Night, Binge-watching a TV show, exploring new places over long weekends as well as doing all household chores together. Over the years we have learnt many lessons about life, love, travel, etc, and grown because of these things and now we wish to share all this with you through our blog – about The Random Explorer.
We have come a long way in each aspect of our life. We have traveled on a budget as well as in luxury, we love to explore the best restaurants in town & even hog on roadside food, we love to cook new dishes every weekend which is time-saving, easy, healthy and tasty too.
So finally, in conclusion, in this blog, you will find all the best aspects of traveling, dining, luxury, budget, homemade delicacies & even some real-life experiences. You are most welcome on Pranarsh Page – just The Random Explorer like you guys out there.
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