Rava Cake Recipe (Eggless)

Firstly, it is very easy to make Bakery Style Rava Cake at Home with all the basic ingredients available at home. It turns out to be very tasty, soft & gives the perfect texture. All you need to keep in mind is that you take the proper measurements of all the ingredients stated below.

This cake can be made in many flavors like pineapple, honey, coconut, etc. However, this recipe is a simple Spongy Cake without any flavors.

The video demonstration is uploaded Here.

So, let’s get started…

Rava Cake

Bakery Style Rava Cake

Prep Time – 15mins

Baking Time – 30mins

Total – 45mins


  • Rava (Sooji, semolina)
  • All-purpose flour (Maida)
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Milk/ Curd
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Ghee
  • Baking Powder
  • Baking Soda



How to Prepare Rava Cake

Getting the Batter ready:

  • Firstly, in a bowl add 3/4th cup of Rava.
  • Add 3/4th cup of all-purpose flour (you must sieve the flour well).
  • Next, add 1 and a 1/2 cup of powdered sugar, even sieve the sugar well.
  • To it add 1 spoon of baking powder and 1/2 spoon of baking soda.
  • Mix all the ingredients well.
  • Now, add 4 spoons of vegetable oil & 2 spoons of ghee.
  • You can even add the essence of any flavor that you like but it is optional.
  • After that, add half a cup of milk & mix it (Here, you have two options – you can even add curd instead of milk, but I prefer the one with milk as it gives the moist texture to the cake).
  • Once you have added milk, mix well & see to it that there are no lumps.
  • Furthermore, add more 1/4th cup of milk & mix to get the right dropping consistency.
  • Now, your batter is ready. Let it settle for 10mins.

To Bake the Rava Cake:

  • Grease the cake tin well & transfer the batter to the tin.
  • Tap the cake tin 2-3 times in order to remove air bubbles if present.
  • Meanwhile, preheat the microwave in convection mode/oven to 180°c for 10 minutes.
  • After that, bake the cake at 180°c for 30mins.
  • Check the cake by inserting a toothpick in between & see to it that it comes out clean or else bake for more 5-10 mins.
  • Remove it from the oven & let it cool down completely.
  • Take it out nicely from the cake tin.
  • Finally, your mouthwatering Rava Cake is ready.

Have it hot, as the flavor is too good when hot. You can even add Dryfruits or tutti frutti to enhance the taste. Surely let me know how you like to have your rave cake & how it turned out to be in the Comments below.

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