3 Ingredient Cake

In this Lockdown phase all you Need is just a Cake🎂

This cake can be made very easily with all the basic ingredients available at your home. It tastes yummy & even your kids can bake it. Because in this lockdown phase kids needs some kind of activity, so why not try to bake a cake ?

3 Simple Ingredients 🌀

  • 2 packets Cream Biscuits like Bourbon/Oreo etc
  • Fruit Eno
  • One Cup Milk

and with Preparation ⏰ of  30 minutes

Homemade Cake

How to Prepare 👁‍🗨

Break the Biscuits and grind it to powdered form. (churn with cream)
Take out this mix in a bowl & add Fruit Eno. (Baking Soda)
Add one cup of milk & mix it well.
Grease the cake tin with Ghee or butter and fill the tin with mixed batter.
Bake the cake in OTG (Oven-Toaster-Griller) or Convection or in Cooker for 20 minutes.

That’s it.. Your yummy 3 Ingredient Cake is READY😋

To test if the cake is baked properly or not, check with a toothpick by inserting in the mix, if it comes out clean your cake is ready😍

🌟Quick Tip for 3 Ingredient Cake

Easy and Simple method to garnish your cake in ganache style –

Take any chocolate slab that you have (in case not than dairy milk, Bournville or any slabs will do)
Break it into pieces and keep in a bowl.
Take 1/4th cup or less milk & add one spoon of butter or ghee to it and bring to boil.
Add this hot milk over the chocolate pieces and let it settle for a minute or two.
This will help your chocolate to get melted.
Then just mix it well and your ganache is ready.
Spread it evenly on cake & sprinkle it with crushed biscuits or grated chocolate or choco-chips or gems, whatever u like😅😋