Homemade Rasgullas

No matter how much life squeezes you, stay True to your form simply like a Rasgulla🥰

This Homemade Rasgullas are very tasty, it just melts in your mouth. Mainly I love to make it at home because they are very pure. Give it a try as it is very easy.

Ingredients 🌀

1) Milk (1 Litre full fat or whole milk – Cow milk preferable)
2) Lemon juice (2-3 teaspoons)
3) All purpose Flour(Maida)/ Corn Flour/ Arrarot Powder (1 teaspoon)
3) Sugar (1 cup)
4) Water (5 cups)

Homemade Rasgullas

How to Prepare 👁‍🗨

Step 1 – Make Chenna (Preparation time – 10 mins)

Bring milk to boil and keep aside for few minutes.
After it cools down a little, start adding lemon juice little by little till it starts getting curdles.
When you see the milk has curdled completely add one glass of water which will help your Chenna to remain soft.
Now take one muslin or thin cloth and place your Chenna in that and wash it properly with 2-3 glasses of water. (this step is very important to remove the sourness of lemon)
Now drain out all the excess water from the Chenna.
Your Chenna is now ready.


Step 2 – Prepare Rasgulla Balls (Preparation time – 5 mins)

Knead the Chenna very well with your hands.
Later add one teaspoon of Arrarot powder, maida, or cornflour.
Again knead the mixture thoroughly till the Chenna becomes soft and greasy and it’s no more grainy.
Now start making medium sized balls out of it.
With one litre approx 15-16 balls can be made.
Keep aside for few mins till we make sugar syrup.


Step 3 – Prepare Sugar Syrup (Preparation time – 5 mins)

Take one cup of sugar.
Add equal 5 cups of water to it.
Let it boil till the sugar melts completely.
Add 2 teaspoons of milk to it, which will help to remove all impurities from the syrup.
All the impure particles will start floating, which will help you to easily remove it with a spoon.
Your sugar syrup should be transparent and nice now.
Remember, we just have to boil till the sugar melts as the syrup for Rasgulla is not thick.

Sugar Syrup

Step 4 and The Final Step (Preparation time – 10 mins)

Start adding the Rasgulla balls that we made to the sugar syrup.
Make sure you have taken a wide bowl as these balls will grow in size so you need space in the bowl.
Cover it with lid.
After 5 minutes gently stir the syrup without touching the Rasgullas.
This boiling will require 5-10 minutes.
Now you can see your Rasgullas have grown & are ready 😍
Let it cool down completely.

N yaayyy… your Rasgullas are ready to be served🥰😋

Quick Tip for Homemade Rasgullas 🌟

To check your Rasgullas are properly boiled or not take one transparent glass full of water
Add the Rasgulla to this glass
If it floats, it means more boiling is required
If it settles down then they are 💯 Ready

Is it Ready

This recipe looks lengthy but it doesn’t take much time (I just wanted to explain in detail as each step is important)